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Smart Dial


With Whiz SmartDial, enjoy rates that are usually lower than the charges levied by the incumbent telecommunication service provider in the host country. You can make inexpensive IDD calls from overseas or from Singapore to your family and friends.

SmartDial Callback – This Smart callback service is triggered by dialing to a common Singapore-based 8-digit number from your registered phone number. Your call will end automatically and you will receive a callback from the system requesting you to dial the number you wish to call. In seconds, you’ll be on a Singapore phone line enabling you to make overseas calls at the most competitive SmartDial rates.

With free registration and no monthly subscription, every call you make is even more affordable. SmartDial rates apply.

SmartDial DID Callback – You will be assigned a dedicated Singapore-based 8-digit DID Number. The SmartDial system differentiates callers by the DID number dialed by each caller. You can also determine the telephone number you wish to receive the callback by updating our SmartDial system the contact number before each trigger. SmartDial rates apply.

Note: A minimum usage charge of S$2 per month per DID number is applicable for this service.

For more information, please email us or start a live chat with us.

Downloadables & Links
Quick Ref Guide for SmartDial DID Callback (PDF)
User Guide for SmartDial Callback (PDF)


What is SmartDial?

This is traditionally known as call-back service. It allows customers to save money on international calls made from a foreign country to Singapore and the rest of the world.

How do I make a call using SmartDial?

  • You will need to inform the SmartDial system of your intention to initiate a call. This is done via a “failed” call (hang up after a few rings) to the WhizComms SmartDial system. This failed call is the “trigger” to inform the SmartDial system that you want to make a call.
  • The system will respond to the trigger by making a call (“leg1” call) to the number (this is named as the CONTACT number) you had indicated in its database.
  • You will be prompted to enter a destination number when you answer the leg1 call.
  • Enter the destination number in the following sequence: COUNTRY CODE + AREA CODE + TELEPHONE NUMBER + #
  • When a valid destination number is entered, the SmartDial system will proceed to dial the destination number (“leg2” call).
  • Leg1 and leg2 calls will be linked through the SmartDial system to allow conversation between you and your destination party to proceed after the destination party has answered the leg2 call.

How does this service help in saving cost?

Calls from overseas countries (e.g. Vietnam) using SmartDial is cheaper than using IDD from the host country.

Do I need to pay any registration fees or monthly subscriptions?

No, there are no registration and monthly subscription fees for this service. However, as there are costs involved in the provision of DID numbers, a minimum usage charge of S$1.87 excl GST per month is applicable for each DID number assigned.

Do I need to change my current IDD service provider to use the SmartDial service?

There is no need to change your current IDD service provider. To use SmartDial, simply sign up with WhizComms. There is no registration fee required when you sign up.

How do I register for this service?

You can register through our online application or email us at to request for an application form to be faxed/mailed to you.

Can I make a call to countries other than Singapore with SmartDial?

Yes, you are able to make a call to other countries with SmartDial.

What other destinations can I reach with this service?

You can connect to more than 200 destinations around the world. Please refer to our online rates table.

Where can I check the calling rates to different countries?

You can email us at or visit our online rates table for our latest calling rates.

Whom can I speak to for more information on SmartDial?

Please email us at for more information on SmartDial.

Can I use SmartDial on a mobile phone?

Yes. This is particularly ideal for mobile phone users with free incoming calls.

Will I be billed if I hear a system announcement service from the party I am dialling to or if the call is not connected?

There are no charges if the call is not connected.

Whom can I contact if I have problems using this service?

Simply send an email to if you encounter any problems with this service.


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  • Rates are quoted and billed in Singapore Dollars.
  • Minimum charge per call is 30 seconds.
  • Billing is in 6-second increment.
  • A minimum usage charge of S$2 per line per month is applicable for traffic charges less than S$2 per line per month for SmartDial DID Service.
  • Rates subject to change without prior notice.


  • Whiz Communications Pte Ltd (hereinafter referred as WhizComms) reserves the right to approve or reject any application by the Customer for a WhizComms account.
  • By completing the registration process for any service provided by WhizComms, the Customer is deemed to have accepted and agreed to be bound by the terms and conditions.
  • WhizComms may determine and impose charges, payment terms and prescribed rates and vary or revise the same from time to time and such variation shall be effective as from the date specified by WhizComms. All tariff charges would be reflected on our official web-site
  • The Customer shall promptly pay WhizComms all the Fees and Charges and any other sum due or payable to WhizComms on the due date with respect to the provision of the Service without any set-off, counterclaim, deduction or withholding whatsoever.
  • The Customer shall promptly check and verify the accuracy of each bill, and notify WhizComms in writing of any error, inaccuracy or discrepancy with respect to any amount, item, entry or matter stated therein. The Customer shall promptly provide WhizComms with all the information and assistance reasonably requested by WhizComms to investigate and verify any such assertion of the Customer.
  • In the event that the Customer disputes any amount stated in the bill and intends to withhold payment of the amount, the Customer must give WhizComms a written notice of such dispute before the due date and must state in such notice the grounds and reasons for such dispute. Notwithstanding any such dispute, the Customer shall make payment of the charges or amount of the bill to WhizComms that are not in dispute.
  • In the event that upon investigation of the dispute, such withheld amount is payable by the Customer, the Customer shall pay interest on the withheld amount as stated in clause 8 from the date the amount is due until the date of payment.
  • It is agreed that Customers will undertake to settle all bills promptly by due date, failing which a late charge of $5.00 will be levied.
  • A Customer who pays a bill and subsequently chooses to dispute any amount, item, entry or matter stated therein, must give WhizComms a written notice of such dispute not later than one year from the date of the bill.
  • WhizComms only accepts the following mode of payment:
    • a. Credit Card
      • Customer agrees that any charges made with WhizComms’ services will be billed monthly to the designated card and be subjected to the same terms and conditions governing the credit card account.
      • Customer is personally responsible for all of WhizComms’ service charges that are not covered by this authorisation (e.g. credit card becomes invalid). If WhizComms is unable to settle the bill with the designated credit card company for any reason, the Customer agrees to settle the bill via bank draft or cheque in Singapore dollar drawn on a bank in Singapore, or by other means and within the time frame as specified by WhizComms.
      • Customer shall notify WhizComms if the designated credit card is lost, stolen, expired or is terminated for any reason, or the Customer wish to terminate WhizComms’ authorisation to bill the designated card. Customer shall continue to be liable for any outstanding bills.
    • b. Giro
      • Customer is required to complete an Interbank GIRO form that permits WhizComms to deduct the amount of the bill directly from the designated bank account.
      • Customer is personally responsible for all of WhizComms’ service charges that are not covered by this authorisation (e.g. insufficient funds in account). If WhizComms is unable to debit the amount of the bill for any reason, the Customer agrees to settle the bill via bank draft or cheque in Singapore dollar drawn on a bank in Singapore, or by other means and within the time frame as specified by WhizComms.
      • Customer shall notify WhizComms if Customer wishes to terminate WhizComms’ authorisation to debit the designated bank account. Customer shall continue to be liable for any outstanding bills.
      • WhizComms shall obtain approval of Customer’s authorisation from the relevant bank prior to activation of WhizComms account.
    • c. Others
      • All cheques must be made payable to Whiz Communications Pte Ltd.
      • Customer can choose to pay at SAM machines/SAM online or at SingPost outlets.
  • Customer shall pay WhizComms a deposit of S$100 (applicable to non-Singapore citizen/non-PR) for the purpose of opening a WhizComms account. The deposit will be refunded upon termination of account.
  • The credit limit is S$200 per month for all residential customers. WhizComms may request deposit for extension of credit limit.
  • Customers may receive an interim bill once credit limit is reached. All interim bills require immediate payment.
  • WhizComms reserves the right to suspend or terminate service(s) provided to the Customer if payment has not been received by WhizComms after the payment due date. The Customer can avoid the suspension or termination of service(s) provided by effecting payment for total or the undisputed portion of the invoice within the due date indicated in the suspension or termination notice.
  • Customer shall solely be responsible and liable and shall indemnify and keep indemnified WhizComms and/or its agents against all losses and liabilities when using WhizComms services.
  • The Customer shall use the service in accordance with the directions of WhizComms from time to time and WhizComms shall not be liable for any losses, damages, claims, liabilities, costs or expenses suffered or incurred by the Customer resulting from the failure by the Customer to do so.
  • In compliance with section 3.2.6 of IMDA’s (Info-Comm Media Development Authority of Singapore) “Code of Practice for Competition in The Provision of Telecommunication Services” on protection of End User Service Information (“EUSI”), WhizComms will keep the EUSI in commercial confidence. The information will only be used internally within WhizComms for its planning, provisioning and billing purposes and when required, assistance to law enforcement, judicial or other government agencies.
  • This Agreement is governed by and shall be construed in accordance with the laws of Singapore and the parties hereto submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Singapore.
  • WhizComms shall comply with IMDA’s “Code of Practice for Competition in the Provision of Telecommunication Services”.
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