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Home Digital Line

Alexander Bell dreamt that the spoken word can transcend barriers and bring people closer. That’s why he invented the Telephone.

And that’s why we launched our Home Digital Line. We want to bridge the distance between you and your loved ones. This service is perfect for homeowners who need a dedicated home line for both Local and International calls, with attractive IDD calling rates.

Unlimited Local Calls At An Affordable Price


Requires an active Home Fibre Broadband subscription.
Number retention available at no additional charge.

Add-On Services

Service Monthly Price One-Time Charge
Caller ID $2.99/mth $15.00
Caller Non-Display $2.99/mth $15.00

🌎 Make International Direct Dial (IDD) with your Home Digital Line Service 

Check out the best rates for the country you’re calling now.

Let’s get started

Apply for Home Digital Line or Add-On Services

Email us at and request for service activation.

Let us handle the rest

Your Home Digital Line or Add-On Services should be activated within 5 working days. If you face any issues, feel free to contact us at



Visit our contact page and drop us a message.
You may also start a live chat with us by clicking the bottom-right chat box.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Home Digital Line?
    Home Digital Line is an add-on service available to all WhizComms Home Fibre Broadband subscribers. The service leverages on our Fibre Broadband service to establish calls.
  2. Is my phone compatible with the Home Digital Line service?
    Any analogue phone will be compatible with the service.
  3. How do I set up my phone for the Home Digital Line service?
    Plug your phone to the TEL port on the back of the Optical Network Router.
  4. How do I apply for Home Digital Line?
    You may send us a request via email:
    Add-on Services can only be applied with an active HDL service.
  5. How long do the services take to activate?
    If you are getting a new number from us, allow up to 5 working days for the Home Digital Line or Add-On Services to activate.
    If you wish to port your existing number, allow up to 10 – 14 days to activate.
  6. Can I terminate the service anytime without penalty?
    Yes! This is a no-contract service so you may terminate anytime without penalty.
    However, do note that there is a minimum subscription period of 1 month.
  7. How do I terminate this service?
    You may terminate the Home Digital Line or Add-On Services at any time without any additional charges. Please send a termination request to Allow up to 5 working days for the termination to take place.

Terms & Conditions

  • All prices shown are inclusive of GST.
  • This service is only available as an add-on to an active Home Fibre Broadband subscription.
  • There is a minimum subscription period of 1 month for all services listed on this page.
  • Allow up to 5 working days for any new application/changes/termination.
  • This service will be billed through the customer’s monthly broadband bill.
  • Any one-time fees will be charged on the first-month bill.
  • WhizComms reserve the right to change the product features, pricing, or contract period without prior notice.
  • View the full 1516 IDD Terms & Conditions.
  • View the full Broadband Terms & Conditions.


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